Trucking/ Logistics

We understand that transportation is about smart thinking as well as efficient movement. That's why, in addition to applying route optimization and pool distribution to the best local networks, we specialize in the surrounding services that generate maximum results for minimum cost.
We strive to give you an excellent service at the lowest cost, with a methodology that continuously improves your business and turns logistics into a source of value. Our team specialists use their detailed understanding of your sector to identify and implement the best solutions for your business. We provide different types of fleets for different kind of business needs.

Closed Mini Truck

Closed Mini Truck

Closed Mini Truck

Closed Aluminum Decks

Closed Mini Truck

Open Body Full Length

Closed Mini Truck

Half Length

All our trucks are equipped with Real-Time vehicle tracking system which tells the exact location of the vehicle and in some case to meet the customer's need we even get the temperature data from the running vehicle.

Clearing and Forwarding

All products are typically high in value, which means security and reliability are vital to your warehousing and distribution operations. Based on a thorough understanding of your business, we provide the appropriate solutions. Our services are supported by a relentless pursuit of Operations Excellence, the idea that processes can always be improved. We make sure your customers receive a consistently flawless service:

Distribution - delivery and installation including user training and the return and disposal of replaced equipment.
Staging and deployment - we manage storage and delivery for your large projects, ensuring consignments are consolidated and    delivered efficiently and on time.
Warehousing - we provide cost-effective and reliable storage.

Clients Served